When sports fans look out at a new season as the games are just beginning, they can be enthusiastic. Each season gets started when the whistle is blown; or the first pitch is thrown; or the jump ball is tossed into the air; or the faceoff  begins; or some other play starts things out– but it all begins before a single loss is registered. And regardless of how woeful or how good the team, all teams begin on even footing. All the teams have perfect 0-0 records.

And yet as we fans stare down the schedule and think of our team’s chances–and perhaps what kind of record they may finish with, we know that the season will end in a loss,  a defeat in almost all cases. And we hope for the best–NUMBER ONE, but chances are at the end of the season we settle on good; or improving; or next year for sure; or at least that’s over; or we need change; or perhaps we need a miracle; or we need to “rebuild.”  But a loss ends our season and tells us to get on with our lives until next year. And hope starts to build up again in the off-season.

And even the most humble of fans can appreciate the new–the start and at some point the whole process. Seasons end in disappointment and that’s good that they end, because we can look forward to next year with a fresh start.