For the Packers there will be some competition for the second QB position in Green Bay. DeShone Kizer is in his third year in the NFL and his second in Green Bay. Kizer’s first Pro football home was with the Cleveland Browns on their way to an 0-16 season. With the Packers last year, he saw action in the first game when Aaron Rodgers was injured in the first half. Rodgers came back in the second half and showed great courage to lead the Packers to a one-point victory. Kizer on the other hand threw an interception in that game and was sacked twice.  Not the kind of performance you might expect from the heir to Aaron Rodgers, but it was a very tough spot. He  didn’t play enough last season to garner any stats worth looking at. And that’s not on him, it was just the way it worked when you are playing behind a legend.

Undrafted free agent Tim Boyle played in the pre-season last year. Boyle had an all-to-common college career that included a transfer (from UConn to Eastern Kentucky) and a number of coaching changes. Scouts must have been scratching their heads over his numbers and then seeing someone with streaks of brilliance in film. In a Packers 2018 pre-season game against the Tennessee Titans, Boyle looked like an NFL quarterback with patience, courage, and a great arm. Several dropped passes and an offensive line that porous at times,  insured a performance that was hard to rate very high and yet it was.  Still, it was a pre-season game. It’s not unusual to see a player seemingly excel in a pre-season match and then see them released the next week.

As one might expect, Boyle is like every other quarterback who comes into Packer camp, he is compared to Rodgers.  And in his case, many of his skills and athletic talents can match pretty well on paper. But NFL rosters are determined on the field.  And Boyle’s and Kizer’s futures will be played out in part at camp this summer.