Most of us know of someone who has gone way out of their way to take advantage of medical aid for conception and birth. Some people are prepared to pay ten of thousands of dollars for help in producing a child; others can conceive a child “routinely.” But most people understand the unique value of life–and just what a blessing it is.

Also, in many of our family histories are children who die in miscarriages, those who are stillborn, and some who die as infants.  And again, others have children who make it out of childhood relatively routinely. Certainly, most of us are grateful when we have a child who is born healthy and we see them develop through childhood.

However, sometimes it takes heroic efforts to give birth to a child. And sometimes it takes heroic efforts to raise a child under difficult circumstances. My grandmother gave birth to my mother under very difficult circumstances. She died a few months later. Less than a decade later, my grandfather was dead as well. My mother was looked after by siblings. Dozens of us in my family exist today because of their sacrifices and the ultimate sacrifice my grandmother made. No doubt, a generation from now there will be a hundred human beings alive because of the sacrifice made by my grandmother.

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