I hate to say it, but I often get stuck in the past. I blame a lot of things for that including myself. For me I do it in a conditional sense. I recall some things that were better and some things that were worse, but I always have to look at everything going on today and somehow relate it to the past. I find that at my age, I have a pretty  firm grip on some rights and wrongs, but certainly not everything.

People who have perfect marriages are normally those people who are delusional with saintly spouses.

People can have high standards that they use to judge others, but chances are they don’t have a lot of children or relatives.

People who can be harsh about their pastor or minister are likely not ones that have taken up tough jobs where their failures are clear for everyone to see.

The more you do not do, the easier it is to judge others who do.

Those who judge others without understanding other’s particular pain, may be lining themselves up for a little pain themselves.

If you think you kids are not living up to you expectations, teach a religious ed class with kids their age or coach a team with kids their age, so you have a little experience with other kids their age.  You might be surprised at how wonderful your kids are.

I usually find I need more patience not less. Some of the people I know who have made the biggest mistakes in raising their kids decided to take the “get out of the house approach.” I am sure there are times when that is necessary, but think very carefully before you take that approach.

It’s good to be humble, but try not to be too humble in front of you kids. They may decide you really are useless even when  you are not. I make this mistake myself, over and over again.

A diet of bad news is after all a diet. Careful, or you will be consumed by it.

Don’t forget to give to God, what is Gods, even when it is inconvenient.

I want to make my life more relevant and look forward more with faith and not backward with despair.

Just some thoughts…

Photo: Marianne Norris