Since we publish books on football, like Pillars of the NFL, Papa Bear and the Chicago Bears’ Winning Ways,  and our Sports and Faith Series (see Sportsmanship), I watch the season closely and I noticed a few years ago that pro football really goes on all year. The people who write press releases for teams and announce developments have their work cut out for them. Sure, at times, the news might seem a little shallow, say just before the draft (when y0u have seen hundreds of articles on “possible” picks or in the weeks before training camp, but all the big sports enterprises compete with each other all the time. The NFL, the NBA, the NHL, and the MLB, etc. In big cities, all these enterprises compete all year long for attention. In a place like Green Bay, it’s all football.

So once the NFL Championship ends this evening, football fans don’t need to get too depressed, there will certainly by enough news nuggets interspersed throughout the calendar all year. And it’s always fun to see improvements being made and the promise of the next season. Football fans are a little like kids with Christmas catalogues in the off-season dreaming of what might come. The football fan will take the offseason to read about free agents or upcoming draft choices (or watch news videos on them) with a gleam in the eye and maybe even a little saliva running down the cheek.

If you are feeling a little bummed after this day, I would encourage you to pursue all the good stuff that is out there for football fans that can be consumed all year long (especially reading!).