Tom Monaghan

Tom Monaghan’s success came from working for future gains, unimaginable hard work, and fortitude. After 38 years of running Dominos, Monaghan sold controlling interest in the company to Bain Capital.

Since that time, Monaghan has focused on philanthropic interests. Monaghan was honored with the Pope John Paul II Family Fidelity Award in 1988, the Marine Corp Leatherneck Award in 1990, the Proudly Pro-Life Award in 2,000, and the Sports Faith Hall of Fame award in 2010. Whether it’s building a chapel at the Domino’s headquarters or fighting the government mandate to force organizations to provide birth control coverage in health insurance coverage, Monaghan has continued to take a strong stand on issues involving faith.

Monaghan created the Ave Maria Foundation to direct his philanthropic efforts in a hands-on way. What followed was Ave Maria Institute in Ypsilanti that would become Ave Maria College, Ave Maria School of Law, Ave Maria Radio, and the Thomas More Law Center—offering legal aid for people of faith who face religious freedom challenges. Monaghan also created Legatus, an organization of wealthy Catholic business leaders. He is the founder and greatest benefactor of Ave Maria University in Florida which was established in 2003.  Monaghan currently holds the position of chancellor. Monaghan has also been active in supporting Catholic work and institutions in Nicaragua and Honduras.

Monaghan has received honorary degrees from twelve universities around the country, and in March of 2000, he was named an Honorary Fellow of Magdalene College within Britain’s University of Cambridge.

A biography of Tom Monaghan was provided in Sports and Faith: More Stories of the Devoted and the Devout by Patrick McCaskey. The Sports and Faith Series covers many Sports and Faith “Good Guys.”