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In the Negro Leagues starting in about 1920, teams like the Chicago American Giants, Homestead Greys, Kansas City Monarchs played.  On the road, to help meet expenses they would also play “money games” at smaller towns along the way set up by the business manager.  $500 might be put up for the game, with the winner getting 60% of the money raised to play the game.

Their history was mostly passed down orally from player to player.  One player reminisced on the time the bus between games had a flat tire.  In jacking up the bus to take off of the flat, the jack broke down.  Fortunately no one was hurt.  So to remove the flat, the 20 players and coaches together lifted the bus.  When the tire-changer was ready, they lifted it again for the spare.  But to their dismay, the spare was flat too.  The bus was lifted again to remove it.  Two player’s hitch hiked to the nearest town with the tires.  A few hours later they returned with the repaired tires.  The bus was collectively lifted again.  The team was on their way.  Life on the road.  Imagine it.

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