I wrote a piece this morning on this blog about Aaron Rodgers stellar pass play with Aaron Jones this past weekend. I thought it was interesting because the pass to Jones was anything but a sure thing. Coverage was good, but the two Aarons were 100% on the same pages when Rodgers threw it into the end zone and Jones made the back shoulder catch.  It was really a thing of beauty. It was not an easy play and Rodgers was beamed on Jones while Jimmy Graham was wide open on the same play.

Rodgers of course began his career only after Brett Favre had moved out from behind center. Rodgers basically warmed the bench for his first 3 years on the Packers. Most quarterbacks have different starts these days–high draft picks often play early in their careers.

Mitchell Trubisky was asked to step in pretty quickly with the Bears.  The Bears had a plan to move Trubisky in the lineup after a year or more seasoning, but he was asked to step in quickly when those plans did not go well.

Trubisky started for the Bears in the fifth game against the Vikings. In 2018, when he started at the beginning of the season he completed 289 passes on 434 attempts for a completion percentage of 66.6. His quarterback pass rating was 95.4 and most important was his 24 touchdown passes against just 12 interceptions. When a quarterback is throwing too many interceptions bad things generally result.

As I fan I always think when Trubisky starts a game the Bears have a chance to compete with most any team.  As a young quarterback, who has not quite reached his career sweet spot that comes with great confidence, the results are sometimes disappointing.  But I do think it’s a matter of confidence not ability. But that’s how it goes.

Over the course of a season, I think Trubisky can be ready to hit the playoffs on all cylinders. The potential is there.  He was improving with each game when he got injured and had to sit our two games. It’s going to take a few games to get back. I like potential and dislike mediocrity.

If you are still wondering how good Trubisky can be, take another look at some 2018 highlights. Take a look at the Bears Lions game in week 10. In the first quarter, with :47 seconds remaining in the quarter at the Lions 32 yard line, Trubisky takes the snap and looks hard left. At the last second he looks right and tosses a perfect pass to Allen Robinson who makes a back shoulder grab–touchdown.