I’ve been publishing for over a decade now.  Sporting Chance Press includes books on sports including baseball. Our baseball books:

The 10 Commandments of Baseball: An Affectionate Look at Joe McCarthy’s Principles for Baseball (and Life)

Public Bonehead, Private Hero: The Real Legacy of Baseball’s Fred Merkle

Baseball’s Winning Ways

I love many sports, but baseball is the perfect sport for teaching life lessons. The baseball principles have been incorporated into baseball teaching programs that have been used successfully decade after decade. Those principles can be traced back to a century ago to their original  written record in Joe McCarthy’s principles that he called The 10 Commandments of Baseball in 1921–mentioned in the press at the time. If  you read the commandments, chances are you will recognize many of them in lessons you learned as youngster when you learned the game formally in little league.

The 10 Commandments of Baseball

  1. Nobody ever became a ballplayer by walking after a ball.
  2. You will never become a .300 hitter unless you take the bat off your shoulder.
  3. An outfielder who throws back of a runner is locking the barn after the horse is stolen.
  4. Keep your head up and you may not have to keep it down.
  5. When you start to slide, S–L–I–D–E. He who changes his mind may have to change a good leg for a bad one.
  6. Do not alibi on bad hops. Anybody can field the good ones.
  7. Always run them out. You can never tell.
  8. Do not quit.
  9. Do not find too much fault with the umpires. You cannot expect them to be as perfect as you are.
  10. A pitcher who hasn’t control, hasn’t anything.

―Joe McCarthy


The 10 Commandments of Baseball is a lovely book that focuses on these principles and examines them with legendary players whose baseball play illustrate them. This book is quick read that you will enjoy if you have any love for the game. It’s also a beautiful book with historic photos and one that will not take up much room in your library or on your bookshelf.

We asked the author of The 10 Commandments of Baseball to reprise his efforts and put together a book that delivers the baseball message to today’s teenagers. He delivered and today we have Baseball’s Winning Ways.

You might have a lot of wonderful baseball books around your house with great stories and wonderful prose, but I honestly believe these are two of the best that deliver on the game and the lessons.

Our book, Public Bonehead, Private Hero is the story delivered in newspaper fashion by Mike Cameron about the historic legend of Fred Merkle.

Image: Photograph by David Bernacchi of J. D. Thorne


Lawrence Norris

Publisher, Sporting Chance Press