With books like Baseball’s Winning WaysPapa Bear and the Chicago Bears’ Winning Ways, and The 10 Commandments of Baseball at Sporting Chance Press (see products on this site for details), you can see we have been promoting the good. Each day when I turn my computer on or tune in to TV, I am flooded with bad news. I still have people who suggest that I should be in another business! I don’t know if you have noticed, but practically every source of information seems to feel obligated to disclose some bad about most everyone or everything.

As a parent, it becomes tough, because with discipline and training, you are often forced to call attention to behavior that needs improvement in your kids. That can get old. Yet, you know that they often respond best to a pat on the back rather than a swat on the backside.  Sometimes it is tough to promote the good!

In our Winning Ways books, we found one technique that is useful and it comes from old Ben Franklin himself.  You see Franklin understood that he needed to work at improving himself and he created a process to help. He thought about what qualities he might want to improve in himself and created charts to track his behavior. Each night he would think back on his day and grade himself. We include such charts with qualities or virtues in the books. And wallah! There it is! Voila! You can have your kids critiquing their behavior and making improvements. You are promoting the good!

It’s one small thing that can be done. You can create ways to celebrate improvements as well.