At times, well at much of the time these days, we struggle with our beliefs. And for many Christians, the Gospel and other Biblical Readings at this time of year depict the struggles of the apostles. The apostles would understand bits and pieces of Christ’s message and then get it all mixed up. Sound familiar?

Christ knew it was difficult and it would take much work to get His message across. He continued even after His death and resurrection. This past Sunday at my parish we celebrated the Feast of the Ascension. Christ wrapped things up for the apostles and then He went to heaven to “sit at the right hand of the Father.” But we are not left alone. He is always with us and like the apostles, we have the Holy Spirit. Saint Peter led the church and his successors continue his work which was given them by Christ. Leadership is in tact, and regardless of how grim things might look, we are not alone. For Catholics we look to God and we get many others who help us through prayers of intercession.

The Bible discusses the struggles of the apostles in their beliefs. For many of us, we face struggles today. In some ways we must make peace with Christ’s message. We may want the world to be exactly the way we want it. And we don’t control the world any more than early theorists controlled the planets and their orbits.

As a publisher, I’ve had the opportunity to publish books on sports, and books on sports and faith. In much of that work, I have worked with Patrick McCaskey and his Sports and Faith Series books. Recently we published a book called Poems about the Gospel. On this site, we publish many of his poems that appear in our book. I would encourage you to visit our site and access Pat’s poems. There is something decent and honest about Pat’s poems that can be appreciated by people even they are not typically poetry readers. I think we all need some things that are decent and honest in our lives.

If you find that  you enjoy them, you can buy our Poems About the Gospel at our website and on Amazon. Our Sports and Faith books which include many features on sports and faith, also include some of Pat’s poems.

Image: Christ on the Cross from Cassington Church by Father Lawrence Lew, OP, Christ on the cross | From Cassington church | Lawrence OP | Flickr