Major League Baseball (MLB) spring training is a series of practices and practice games that prepare the players for the regular season. Since the sessions are held in warm climates, many baseball fans travel to them on their spring vacation. Once in motels or hotels in the area, fans gets together with other fans for friendships that can last a lifetime.

Spring training is also a time for teams to work out roster openings and focus on filling needs for the coming season. Teams have concentrated on training in either Arizona or Florida. Teams in Arizona play in what is called the Cactus League and teams in Florida play in the Grapefruit League.

Spring training begins with the arrival of pitchers and catchers for a little head start before the rest of the team arrives a few days later. Spring training ends with the beginning of the regular season.

Spring Training offered some modest vacation time. Many fans have been able to enjoy spring training with a modest investment. As the stadiums get bigger and accommodations get more expensive it is getting more costly.


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