NFL football is competitive business. And Chicago Bears fans have taken it on the nose for several seasons as Aaron Rodgers has been a “TV star.” The likeable Rodgers had been on several commercials appearing not just on National TV, but on commercials during Bears games and playoff games. Some find this kind of commercialism offensive, but I don’t at all.  One thing I know about commercials is that they don’t keep repeating them if they are not selling. And frankly, I’d rather see the State Farm Commercials with Aaron Rodgers than the Geico Commericals with an animated lizard. Rodgers has also appeared on Pizza Hut and Boze Commercials among some others. It’s all very innocent feel good stuff.

Arron Rodgers was also on the Office in a bit part as himself as an a capella judge. He has been a guest on several talk shows, sports, 60 Minutes and more. Rodgers’ latest noteworthy appearance has been on the mega-hit show, Game of Thrones.  I hate to say it, but Game of Thrones would not be the kind of show I’d want to find myself on. It’s one of those guilty pleasure shows which in my opinion viewers ought to feel guilty for watching. But the point I want to make here is that it has been a long time since a Bear has been so much in the limelight.

Brian Urlacher was in some commercials and Rob Riggle’s Ski Master Academy. I think Urlacher could have become a TV or Movie star, but I suspect he does not want to be one.

Mike Ditka was certainly in a movie or two and on many TV shows. If you can believe the web pages that reveal a celebrity’s worth, Ditka has used his notoriety wisely and certain his business acumen. He is one smart business entrepreneur.

Dick Butkus was on many TV shows, but most of those were long ago. My impressions of his appearances were kind of typecast stuff–playing the tough guy, but that was what it was all about in those days.

Walter Payton was on several TV Shows including Saturday Night Live.  Payton got more polished as he got older.

I suppose we could see Matt Nagy selling a few Chevys, but I doubt it.

Kind of a Big Deal

Former Bear and Bears Sports Network Star Anthony “Spice” Adams was on the Great American Baking Show (using the model created for the Great British Baking Show) and is all over TV in Chicago as well. The thing that is great about this cooking show is that it reflects real life, but it is essentially devoid of politics, crime, scandal, etc.

Sports fans might not have paid any attention to it, but the Great British Baking Show is hugely popular. If the American version can grow into that kind of popularity, Adams will become a national celebrity.