Sports is an excellent way to see lessons that are not always so easy to discern in our everyday lives. This is the heart of Sporting Chance Press, but often misunderstood. There certainly is a high level of celebrity in sports. One a famous athlete makes mistakes in life, it is all over the news. When an athlete is out there doing good, it is not always visible. That’s not to say that marketing people don’t promote athletes any way they can, but just that the athletes who really devote themselves to doing good are probably not on everyone’s radar. Or it could be the good news is fleeting, but the work goes on.

This may sound silly to many people, but the nuns used to teach the real hard life-lessons, lessons that are not necessarily understood or appreciated by many people. One of the old principles that the Sisters used to teach  us is to keep the good that you do under your hat. This is a tough lesson because today we want to shout it from the rooftop when someone does something good in part to counteract all the bad.  I am not advocating that the sports franchises stop promoting the good that they and their athletes do, I am just saying that there are still many people doing selfless things and being very quiet about it. And I happen to believe those are the things that are the best.  Many athletes will be called to take on jobs in the media, entertainment, restaurants, sports products, etc.  All that is great especially if you have an aptitude for that stuff.

But others will be called to serve people quietly and consistently throughout their lives. These are the “all in” vocations of teaching, coaching, helping the underprivileged, foster parents, and other jobs where the focus is on others. In some cases it may be being the most magnanimous mother or father, uncle or aunt, grandfather or grandmother–some people achieve great things by having children that achieve great things. The possibilities are endless.

The people I know who live lives like these are often the most fulfilled. Because they  help others, their minds are not focused on their own egos and fulfilling their own wants. These are some of the people that have been featured in our Sports and Faith books.  I hope we are not violating the nuns’ principle in our writing, the goal is to encourage others to take on things in their own lives.  We are trying to promote life lessons and cast a spotlight on good.  As we like to say we are promoting the good.