Clay Matthews, the Packers’ all-time leader in sacks, has found a new-old home in Los Angeles. For 10 seasons Matthews was right at home in Green Bay where the wind blows hard off the water and the snow piles high every winter. But this year, the veteran linebacker moved back out west to play for the Rams. Matthews is a six-time Pro Bowl linebacker and stands alone at the top of the franchise’s sack list with 83½.

Matthews will be playing again in the Coliseum where the USC alum had played his college ball. Whether the warm weather out west will prolong Matthews career is an interesting thought. His father, also a Pro-Bowl linebacker, played for almost 19 seasons. And the Matthews clan is like Pro Football Royalty with Clay being a third generation star and having a brother, an uncle and cousins who played the game as well.

The Packers had a lot of nice things to say about their 2009 first round selection on his way out. It is not a surprise to see players in what appears to be their final years move on to fresh turf and more money.  The Rams have plenty of talent so Matthews will have to play exceptionally well to get the press there that he has received over his career in Green Bay.

The road to the Super Bowl for the Chicago Bears is a worthwhile struggle and might be a little easier this year without Clay Matthews a few other stalwarts who have left Green Bay. But the Bears success will likely have a lot more to do with its growing group of talent than its rivals fallout. Sporting Chance Press author Patrick McCaskey of the Chicago Bears is looking ahead to a great season.

Patrick McCaskey is schedule to sign his new book, Worthwhile Struggle, on April 13, 2019, at the Lake Forest Book Store in Lake Forest, Illinois. The store is located at 662 N. Western Avenue and the event is starting at 11:30 AM. McCaskey is schedule to sign his new book, Worthwhile Struggle, at the Little Way Catholic books and gifts shop in Crystal Lake, Illinois, on June 1, 2019 from 11 AM to 1 PM. The Little Way Catholic books and gifts shop is at 50 Brink Street in downtown Crystal Lake. And on June 15th, 2019, McCaskey will be at Bookie’s Bookstore at 10324 S. Western Avenue in Chicago starting at 1 PM.

Worthwhile Struggle is the fourth book in the popular Sports and Faith Series. Each chapter is titled after one of the author’s 10 Commandments of Football, principles based on McCaskey’s life with the Chicago Bears, the Halas McCaskey household, and his own distinctive sense of humor. Struggle is a theme that is clearly seen and understood in sports, which serves as a metaphor and lesson plan for life in the Series.