Today, Nelson is retired.

If you are like me, you like players who are competitive and add a little personality to a team.  You also like players who can play great when great is what your team has to have. I think Jordy Nelson fits the bill–although as a Bears fan, I would have liked to see him in navy blue and burnt orange, not the Packers yellow and green.

Last year, Jordy Nelson signed with the Oakland Raiders and his performance improved as the season wore on. Picked up after his release from the Green Bay Packers, Nelson was a fan favorite in the frozen tundra and certainly one of Aaron Rodgers’s favorite targets. He played for 9 seasons in Green Bay.

Last year, Nelson started 14 games for the Raiders.  He had 63 receptions on 88 passes thrown to him for 739 yards and 3 touchdowns. His catch percentage was 71.9, his best ever.  His receiving yards per reception was 11.7–one of his lowest. The year with the Raiders was a pretty decent comeback for Nelson who saw his receiving yards dip to 482 his last year in Green Bay. Some suggest that the low yardage was the result of Aaron Rodgers missed games more than Nelson’s decline in talent.

Regardless, there are some analysts and many fans suggesting that Nelson’s retirement is coming at just the right time. They believe he could play another year or two like he did for the Raiders, but his skills have diminished too much to take a spot on good team wanting to develop an upside with younger talent. But  at the same time, there are those saying that Nelson could come on board with another team this year into the season if injuries result and the team is looking for experience and consistent performance.  My own opinion is that he might be coaxed out of retirement for one more year, if the right team came along and offered him the right contract.

Nelson is an unassuming man who was raised on a farm in Kansas. Nelson returns to the country after each football season to his farm in Riley, Kansas.