Mike Pettine is the defensive coordinator of the Green Bay Packers.  Hired by the Packers for the 2018 season, after the Packers made a head coaching change from veteran Mike McCarthy to Matt LaFleur, some had wondered whether Pettine was going to be retained.

Pettine is credited with improving the Packers defensive performance which had become rather pedestrian in 2017. Pettine began his coaching career assisting his dad Mike Sr. who was at the reins of the Central Buck High School West in Doyletown, Pennsylvania.  Mike Sr. retired in 1999 on a 45 game winning streak, after leading the Bucks to a 326-42-4 record and 4 state titles.

The Packers’ defensive coordinator served as head coach to the Cleveland Brown in 2014-2015.  He worked as defensive coordinator to the New York Jets and then the Buffalo Bills before he took the Cleveland Job.  Right before he was hired in Green Bay, he had been a consultant to the Seahawks.

Pettine had other positions with the Baltimore Ravens earlier in his career and was a defensive graduate assistant at Pitt.