Tom Andrews was born in Parma, Ohio, and attended Padua Franciscan High School. He played football for the Cardinals of the University of Louisville. He was drafted by the Bears in 1984 and played on the team in 1984 and 1985. He finished out his career in Seattle in 1987. Andrews was a 6-foot-4, 265 pound center and tackle who played for the Bears 1985 Championship Team that won Super Bowl XX.

1985 Chicago Bears’ Championship Roster

4 Steve Fuller         Quarterback

6 Kevin Butler        Kicker

8 Maury Buford     Punter

9 Jim McMahon    Quarterback

18 Mike Tomczak    Quarterback

20 Thomas Sanders            Running Back

21 Leslie Frazier      Cornerback

22 Dave Duerson     Safety

23 Shaun Gayle        Defensive Back

24 Jeff Fisher           Defensive Back

26 Matt Suhey          Fullback

27 Mike Richardson Cornerback

29 Dennis Gentry    Running Back

31 Ken Taylor           Def. Back/ Punt Returner

33 Calvin Thomas   Running Back

34 Walter Payton    Running Back

45 Gary Fencik         Free Safety

48 Reggie Phillips    Defensive Back

50 Mike Singletary Middle Linebacker

51 Jim Morrissey     Linebacker

52 Cliff Thrift            Linebacker

53 Dan Rains                        Linebacker

54 Brian Cabral        Linebacker

55 Otis Wilson          Left Linebacker

57 Tom Thayer         Guard

58 Wilber Marshall             Right Linebacker

59 Ron Rivera           Linebacker

60 Tom Andrews     Tackle

62 Mark Bortz          Guard

63 Jay Hilgenberg   Center

70 Henry Waechter             Line

71 Andy Frederick   Tackle

72 William Perry     Tackle

73 Mike Hartenstine           Tackle/End

74 Jim Covert           Tackle

75 Stefan Humphries          Tackle

76 Steve McMichael            Tackle

78 Keith Van Horne            Tackle

79 Kurt Becker         Guard

80 Tim Wrightman Tight End

81 James Maness     Wide Receiver

83 Willie Gault        Wide Receiver

84 Brian Baschnagel           Wide Receiver

85 Dennis McKinnon         Wide Receiver

86 Brad Anderson   Wide Receiver

87 Emery Moorehead         Tight End

88 Pat Dunsmore    Tight End

89 Mitch Krenk       Tight End

89 Keith Ortego       Wide Receiver

95 Richard Dent       End

98 Tyrone Keys        End

99 Dan Hampton     Tackle/End


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