Today, it seems like most important responsibilities pass on to youth quickly. It doesn’t matter whether they are ready for them or not. Important issues are faced by our young.

As we watch the news, there are many disturbing stories about how some of the young respond. These involve the young with guns, young with drugs, young with unwanted pregnancies, and more.


Young people are influenced by their parents, friends, schools, entertainment, and social media. For a parent, it can be a wakeup call when you talk to your child about some important belief that you have espoused for years and they look at you and say something like “that’s an interesting opinion, but I don’t share it.”

As adults in today’s world, we know that there are many people today, both young and old, who don’t share our beliefs and convictions. Sometimes these can be dangerous. Some have responded to that dynamic by suggesting that “diversity” in beliefs and convictions is a powerful good. Many say something like: “I don’t believe that is right, but in my house, we don’t live that way, but who am I to insist that someone else must follow my belief.”

I think we have to be careful about what influencers are out there that are being promoted to our kids. If we don’t have opinions and ideas that our kids get exposed to, well something will fill that void and just what does fill the void may not be healthy.

Sporting Chance Press

At Sporting Chance Press, the one area we can help the young is with books. In our books, we try to promote the positive and we encourage values and virtues. We have published two books for young people during recent tough times: Papa Bear and the Chicago Bears Winning Ways (for middle grade readers) and Baseball’s Winning Ways (for teenage readers).  These books include sports history, American history, cultural history, and entertainment with a self-help component. Sports has many principles that promote life lessons and we have coupled those with historical materials and elements that can be learned and appreciated.