Our Sports and Faith books offer a kind of good mix of topics for readers. Much of it comes from the personal experiences of the author Patrick McCaskey who has been working for the Chicago Bears for over 40 years. He grew up in the McCaskey-Halas household, he attended Catholic Schools, and he has been privileged to keep company with many outstanding people from all faiths both on and off the field. 
Patrick McCaskey is also an excellent speaker who is quiet when you are around him in person, but he has been standing in front of the podium since shortly after he “signed” his first Bears contract.  Bears’ community outreach, public relations, and customer relations have been Pat’s work for many years.  Pat is ideally suited to recite a humorous poem at a civic event ( e.g., to kick off the new Bears’ license plates program) or to give a brief word at a ceremony to publicize the latest field or field house improvement sponsored by the Bears and the NFL. But at more serious times, Patrick is one football executive who can speak sincerely about a passing Bear at a funeral or touch on his beliefs at a faith-based school.  

We published the first two books in our Sports and Faith series with Sports and Faith: Stories of the Devoted and the Devout in 2011 and Sports and Faith: More Stories of the Devoted and the Devout in 2015. The first book which is hard to find today, provided stories of some of Pat’s most incredible friends and acquaintances.  People who have established themselves as great “apostles” of our times. In More Stories, we cast the net out a little wider and conveyed stories that included more  younger people who might make more of an impression on our younger readers. 

We had heard from our friends in bookstores that they wanted us to include more on the faith.  So we changed the model in our fourth book called Pilgrimage in which we included chapter openings that gave readers a brief discussion of Christian pilgrimage sites such as Rome, Fatima, Lourdes, the Holy Land, etc. We also used Dominican Father Lawrence Lew’s dramatic photos to help us get a unique look and feel of such places. We provided a mix on sports figures like the other books, but Pilgrimage has a more Catholic homeschool feel to it. If you are someone who occasionally mixes up Fatima with Lourdes, it’s a great book for you.  We covered the topics in a very useful straight forward concise way. In this way, the book serves as a bit of refresher for Catholics, but it can also give readers who didn’t have a Catholic school education the skinny on some things that are important to our faith. In a sense it provides a little Catholic culture. 

Worthwhile Struggle is a great title for our fourth Sports and Faith Series book that is at the printer now. Struggle is a good part of the life of many Christians. Like the other books, Worthwhile Struggle includes stories of athletes and others who lead exemplary lives. But we also included new features. Each chapter is titled using one of Patrick McCaskey’s 10 Commandments of Football. These are principles (sometimes humorous) lived by Patrick growing up in the Halas-McCaskey household. Included are the stories of sports and faith that make the books popular with our readers. At the back end of each chapter, we include the life of a saint. This offering is an enhancement to our faith coverage for our readers. In addition, we have also included 10 questions in each chapter to test our readers sports knowledge or their patience! We also have some more photos from Father Lawrence Lew in the book. For those who don’t know it, Patrick McCaskey is a poet. We include a chapter of Biblical poems that Patrick had read in churches in Lake Forest after Mass. Many poems have a humorous twist to them.