In our latest Sports and Faith Book, Worthwhile Struggle, we continue the series with many stories of exceptional athletes who lead exemplary lives. And the author, Patrick McCaskey of the Chicago Bears, includes many stories and vignettes of his life growing up with his team and the people surrounding it.
A few new features should enhance the experience for readers as well.  Each chapter includes quiz questions on the Bears and our culture. A brief biography on an individual saint is also included in each chapter. And in the final chapter,  readers will find the author’s biblical poems based on specific passages and the author’s sometimes quirky descriptions of them.
Worthile Struggle is a book that you will want to keep around the house. It provides some inspiring stories with a certain amount of McCaskey humor laden with charm and faith.
And yes, that is Loyola University’s Sister Jean on the cover. Inside you will find her story and the 2018 Ramblers.